Cross-posting News/Blog Feeds

Having your blog on your own site gives you the maxiumum control, increases link juice (SEO term for boosting page rank and trust rank), and keeps your users on your site...once they click out to Facebook, who knows what game they're going to play and if they're ever going to come back. 

The challenge is maintaining all of that fresh, relevant content to get social backlinks--Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.  There are several automated tools that can take the content from your company blog and cross-post it to all of your other social sites, and link them back to your site to minimize your data entry time and maximize your link juice.

Our favorite:  zapier

The details (only free versions reviewed):

  LinkedIn Company Premium  
  Google+ Premium    
  StockTwits Premium    
Max Feeds 3 5    
Frequency 15 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Post as FB Link
Post as FB Detailed Link      
Post as FB Note      
Comment Extensive adapters, full control (but requires setup) Broadest coverage of mutliple channels, but using Facebook notes keeps them from clicking into the source site and struggles with some of the embedded HTML (so just use post style Shared Link) Adds a special formatting option that adds more text and images to feed, looks more like it was entered right in Facebook.

Nothing special.

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