Tabbed email inbox in Gmail

I like the new tabbed interface for Google mail.


I just wonder if it is worth the real estate to show the tabs--I don't know if I get enough social and promotions traffic (I usually unsubscribe and delete quickly!)  Time will tell...

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Okay, it's been a month...

I like it! Lots of fluff, viagra ads, and marketing junk gets shunted to the tabbed folders. I still have to go in once a day and clear them out, but I can browse through quickly and then select all for obliteration. Saves time, rules for allocating to the tabs has worked pretty well.

I did notice that on one of our marketing campaigns, use of a single-named email address was automatically pushed into Promotions, but when we attached a <firstname>.<lastname>, it showed up in Primary.
Posted on 10/15/13 4:43 PM.