Tabbed email inbox in Gmail

I like the new tabbed interface for Google mail.


I just wonder if it is worth the real estate to show the tabs--I don't know if I get enough social and promotions traffic (I usually unsubscribe and delete quickly!)  Time will tell...

Defriending Facebook

The Great DeFriending of Facebook.



"The strong bonds you have with friends are becoming overwhelmed by the weak ones you form with anonymous strangers.That might be good for jacking short-term pageviews, but it's not the basis for a very healthy long-term relationship."


They're starting to stay away in droves.  The irony for me...I saw the link to the story from a LinkedIn group feed.



It's A "0.6%" World: Who Owns What Of The $223 Trillion In Global Wealth

Just when you thought China was unstoppable...


Granted, this article shows that China is doing very well.  But the good old USA is still a powerhouse and...well...doing better than the rest!


SharePoint missing on social, mobile, cloud

SharePoint continues to enjoy brand recognition and widespread deployment, but in addition to license costs a Forrester online survey shows that customers identify weakness in the strategy to take advantage of the cloud, provide a compelling mobile experience, and link in social networks.




Read the full article--Forrester: Business Isn't Happy with SharePoint, But IT Seems To Be

Best Content Delivery Network (CDN)


Nice writeup on the best performance for loading shared content to speed up pages.  We're going to use Google (trusted reliability, better performance than Microsoft considering global).




Link to full article



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