Cross-Cloud Replication (CCR)

One of the most heart-breaking reads is looking through support forums after a network/server disruption at a cloud provider.  Users post increasingly angry or plaintive crys for help as things (sometimes agonizing slowly) get back to normal.  And even if it's only a small number of customers affected or for a relatively short time (the standard cloud 99.5% uptime SLA), if you are the one out of luck it can bring your business to its knees.

Enter Cross-Cloud Replication (CCR) to achieve "5 Nines" uptime (99.999%).  Website content, documents, and database information is replicated across not just multiple availability zones or regions, but across multiple cloud providers as well.  Only by balancing the load across legitimately separate providers can you ensure true business continuity and disaster recovery.

The COSM Constellation Server includes the CCR module and management dashboard to provide the scalability, high-availability, and durability across multiple cloud providers to protect your company from potentially costly downtime and lengthy recovery.

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