The COSM delivery methodology leverages concepts and processes from standard Agile software development best practices, ideally suited for small teams of experts working closely with subject matter/domain owners and client stakeholders.

Domain-driven and n-tiered design patterns are utilized by cross-functional teams throughout to deliver milestone-based working iterations.  Daily stand-up meetings and continuous interaction with the client representative and stakeholders are used to minimize risk and ensure a successful project.

Projects typically begin with a discovery phase to assess existing infrastructure, legacy systems, and resources.  High-level goals, strategy, and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is conducted to break the overall delivery plan into increments (1-4 week sprints) including requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing.  Throughout each iteration, the team employs continues integration and automated testing to minimize end-state bugs.  Each iteration results in a working release, available for user acceptance and sign-off.