Mosaic Power chooses Constellation

As a start-up, Mosaic Power needed team collaboration tools to bring together their growing staff and customer relationship management systems to attract and retain new clients.  Mosaic chose Constellation to meet their needs, requiring only a web browser and using an OpEx model instead of CapEx, perfect for new stage companies that want to control cash flow, lower IT support costs, need the solution immediately, and benefit from a platform that can grow as they grow.  COSM's Constelllation Suite provides cloud optimization and pay-as-you-go.  Within Constellation, the WebCenter module provides the Social Office app to promote intra-team communication, document management, task queues, and calendars.  The CRM+ module also provides account and contact management, campaign marketing tools, and sales force automation.


Mosaic Power is a leader in regulating grid energy load to facilitate addtional clean green energy on the grid.  Our innovative wireless devices provide crowd-sourcing grid-scale battery capacity using peak timing of electric hot water heaters, balancing supply and demand in real time.  Our mission is to positively impact the environment for the leaders of tomorrow.  Adding intelligence to the power grid means using your existing assets to deploy more clean and renewable energy, and save more money.