Suternational saves with CallCentral

Suternational has expanded their solution with the addition of the CallCentral module for business VoIP phone needs.  Suternational operates in a number of domestic and international markets, and also employs mobile sales resources that need to be connected wherever they are in the world.

Using CallCentral, calls can be made from the desktop phone, a softphone on laptop/PC, or mobile apps on a smartphone--all using one phone number and calling plan.

"CallCentral saves us thousands of dollars a year in international calling.  It also saved me hundreds of dollars recently on a single international trip--I was able to use WiFi to receive and make calls using my mobile and laptop without paying outrageous roaming or international rates.  Customers were able to reach me on my standard number or leave a voicemail that was automatically emailed to me."  --Einar Suter, CEO Suternational