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COSM Solutions integrates the latest technology and brings it to bear on the business challenges faced by our clients.  Our team constantly reviews and evaluates applications, frameworks, and emerging technologies, with an emphasis on cloud computing resources and mobile productivity enablers.

While initially only early adopters had the deep pockets and patience to wade through competing cloud, open source, and mobile options, we've done the research to find the best combinations; develop and extend them with our own applications, monitoring, and deployment tools; and then provide them as integrated, supported, and holistic solutions.



Many of today's open source applications rival or exceed Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications in terms of functionality, performance, and support.  In addition, since all of the code is freely available, it provides unmatched customization flexibility and access to active community resources, support, and training.  Best-in-breed open source applications are now a proven equation, but require non-trivial work to take advantage of their individual strengths.

Application Function

Portal / Collaboration / Web Content Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales/Marketing Automation, Quotes, Invoices, Contracts, Workflow, Reporting, Project management, Bug Tracking
Enterprise Content Management
Business Intelligence Reporting and Integration

The biggest challenges to achieve real business results with open source applications are:

  • Research, analysis, and testing across a constantly evolving set of similiar offerings
  • Integration between applications that provide different functional domains and processes
  • Common infrastructure platforming (OS, database, messaging, etc.)
  • First level-support and training from multiple communities
  • Building value-add custom modules in an extensible, reusable, upgrade-safe process

COSM Solutions deploys Constellation as a subscription service as the answer to these limitations.  Our team constantly reviews new open source community projects and upgrades, configures and deploys the top-ranked versions to a common architecture in our labs, rigorously tests functionality and integration, and packages a full working set into a market release.  

Our team then builds out common Single Sign-On security, integration through the front/back-end, and reporting/analytics.  Custom modules for specific needs (like auto call-pop from the phone system to bring up CRM+ customer data) are also added to provide a cohesive, comprehensive business solution.

This allows for an optimal usage of computing resources and the lowest overall cost, with on-going support, maintenance, and upgrades from a single COSM team.

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